11 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single People

valentine's day ideas for single people
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Someone said why are you single? Even slippers have pairs. Why are people so rude???

Val's day ideas for single people

Being single is beginning to seem like a crime these days and social media even makes it worse. Why can’t I for goodness sake just scroll through my feeds on IG without stumbling upon a post reminding me of such a single pringle that I am? Team happily single to the mud? My mantra is to be happy no matter what.

Now Valentine’s Day is here, just a few weeks ago, team ‘matching pajamas’ didn’t fail to let the singletons feel like they were missing out in life. I’m here to remind you that all these won’t matter in heaven! Or is that the reason you want to make it count on earth? To what end?

Mummy G.O instructed me to remind you people celebrating Valentine’s Day…you already know your destination.

But to be very honest, being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world. I don’t even know why people make it such a big deal. I know for people who are single and not happy about it, Valentine’s day comes with some level of anxiety, sadness or even annoyance – everywhere you look is bombarded with valentine celebrations, loved up couples and other shenanigans associated with the love season.

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Who says you can’t have a memorable Val’s Dal alone? In this article, I’ll be sharing some Valentine Day ideas for the boo-less.

Things to do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

1. Just stay at home. You won’t die. After all, it’s not the first val’s day so why the unnecessary pressure? Unless you just collected breakfast, then I’m sorry this would be hard but still, you won’t die. You can give yourself a nice treat at home. Order food from your favourite restaurant with a chilled bottle of red wine and cool music. If you want to go a little extra, you can light some scented candles and enjoy the sweet-smelling fragrance.

valentine's day ideas for singles
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2. Hang out with fellow single pringles like you: There’s a good chance that you’re not the only single person in your friend circle. At least you won’t feel so left out of the valentine’s day shenanigans.

3. Go to karaoke: Whether you want to sing your heart out with your friends or want to do it all by yourself, karaoke is always guaranteed to be a fun time and I also find it therapeutic. 

4. Try out a new restaurant. There are plenty of restaurants around you that you haven’t visited yet, so why not go check it out? Use this season to give yourself a nice treat. You can order whatever you want, really focus on the delicious food you’re eating without having a conversation with anyone.

5. Go to your favourite bar: It’s unlikely not to find single people who just want to enjoy some good time sipping chilled drinks at the bars on Val’s day. You can order your preferred drink and strike up a conversation with anyone who may be interested.

6. Have a game night: A game night is always a good idea whether you want to play solo or host a get-together with your friends. There are several game options for you to choose from; board games, video games etc.

7. Go see a movie: Going to the movies alone is arguably better than going with someone else. You can use this time to go see the movie you’ve been longing to see.

8. Have a spa day: Who says you need to go with a significant other for a spa day? Give yourself a nice treat. Go ahead and schedule a massage. Your body will thank you for it.

9. Go on a short trip: You can go on a Valentine’s Day weekend getaway to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit or a favourite destination. Whether you choose to go alone or with a friend, the choice is yours. 

10. Gift yourself: Is there something that you’ve been dying to get? Why not splurge on that big gift this season?

11. Take a break off social media: a social media detox is good for the soul especially if Val’s day activities cause you anxiety. You can log out from all your social media accounts and catch some good sleep. After all, it’s still a work week.

Valentine's day idea for singles

There you have it. What other ideas do you have? Who says you can’t indulge in fun activities as a single person on valentine’s day? Now is the time to celebrate the self-love that we hashtag on IG.

The consolation is that Val’s Day falls on a Monday. Even though, even though…anything done before or after doesn’t count. But I know some coconut heads will still go out despite having a busy Monday. And if you live in Lagos, may Lagos traffic hold you!

Chinyelu Adum - a self-acclaimed Cupid's mouthpiece, unapologetic picky foodie, a picture freak, and an aspiring Tech sis. She is also an SEO expert with experience in the eCommerce and Banking industry.

8 comments On 11 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single People

  • a nice nice read,, I love your suggestions although going out to a restaurant and you will now see plenty people doing PDA upandan with marriage proposal everywhere will still remind you of your singleness 😂😂! Omoh na to off phone and face your work that day o. Sha make person no go die ontop valentine matter😂

  • Lovely write up 👌
    I agree with everything there, especially number 11…. You must make yourself happy no matter what.
    When u love yourself first, u will feel all the love around u.
    Please singles stay happy and do what makes you happy….. There is no rush in life.

  • Very nice piece,this will come in handy for me .

  • Taking your self out is a no no.. Find work to do is absolutely the best.. All the emphasis is stay home.. Stay home.. Go to work obviously but Spa, movies, restaurant, kareoke, is a no no.. Short trips can come in handy, off social media too is another angle, reading is a yes, exercise is a yes, Val is on a Monday so go to work by the time u get home it’s over. My thoughts respectfully as per Nigerian perspective.. But worldwide your perspective is a goal.

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