14 Wife Material Qualities Men Should Look Out for 


Wife material qualities

After publishing 9 Husband Material Qualities Ladies Should Look Out for, I promised to also come up with wife material qualities any serious guy that is ready to settle down in marriage should observe in any woman he is involved with or intends to get into a serious relationship with.

The men were more than eager to share with us some of the wife material qualities they looked out for.

FredShe challenges you to be better. I don’t mean trying to change you. No, she believes in you, your dreams. Someone who thinks you can do better because she sees the potential in you and wants the best for you.

DemiladeDoes she have a good sense of humour? That was one of the qualities I looked out for when I was ready to marry. I love to tease and I wanted a woman who understood that aspect about me. It amazes me how most ladies lack good sense of humour. I want a life full of laughter and I have an amazing woman who I share my jokes with without apologies.

ChrisHonesty is a real deal breaker for me. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone who is a liar and full of deceit. I almost married one. I thought I could deal with her occasional lies until I discovered it was a part of her. She is a good person but I couldn’t deal with her lies and drama.

ChuksAn independent woman is a sexy woman. I mean, she has her life together. She isn’t dependent on the relationship for her self-worth and happiness. Men love space and when a woman is all over us, we tend to get bored.

YusufShe should be a good cook. That was the first and probably the only thing that I looked out for. Any woman that can cook has gotten my attention already, I mean, that was the priority to me. I believed we could sort the other qualities out and I am happy with the woman I married.

Evaristus I’m sorry to say this, but most of our Nigerian ladies are not wife materials at all. I don’t know if it’s the so called western culture or social media that is the cause. These ladies are more interested in expensive human hairs, contact lenses and artificial nails. I don’t know what to say about those ones with multiple piercings on the ears, the ones that wear rose rings or anklets or leg chains, whatever it is called. Any woman that doesn’t depend on artificial hair or makeup to look beautiful and dresses decently is a wife material to me.

Nsikan She should be intelligent, not just book smart but street smart. She should be able to make financial and investment decision. She should be someone you can have any kind of conversation with and not just about love and romance. That is not enough to keep a relationship.

PrinceShe should be good in bed. Yes don’t look at me like I’m an alien. I’m not ready to start coaching someone to perform her marital duties. She should have acquired the experience in her previous relationships. I’m not saying that she should live a reckless sexual lifestyle. As long as she isn’t a virgin then there is no excuse. I don’t even want to marry a virgin to start with.

ChineduShe should be homely and respectful. This drew me to my wife. Not that she does everything I want but the way she goes about the things she isn’t in support with. Initially I thought she was pretending but as the relationship prolonged, I realized that is who she is. I didn’t hesitate to put the ring on it. She is even three years older than me.

AhmedShe doesn’t nag. Some women can complain over everything like not responding to her chats, not picking her calls and other annoying things. She should be able to handle her emotions and communicate her dissatisfaction without making her partner miserable.

DareShe should have a business or career. It shows that she is responsible and ambitious and not someone that sees you as the solution to all her financial problems. It is so disgusting.

TreasureShe should be an Arsenal fan. LOL. Ok I was just joking. What attracted me to my wife is her cleanliness. At first, I thought it was just the usual personal hygiene, dress well, smell nice to put up appearance until I visited her room. That was in our university days. I was dazed. Everything was neatly arranged. Mind you she wasn’t expecting me. I came to see a friend who happened to be her neighbour.

Victor– A woman that loves God. She is not just a church goer but committed. Before I married, I dated all sorts so I can say that I’ve had my good share in women’s affairs. My wife wasn’t just a typical ‘good girl’ when I met her. In fact we met at a friend’s party. When we started dating, she told me that she loved to party with her friends occasionally because she never really attended parties when she was in the higher institution. According to her, she just wanted to experience life. When the relationship started getting serious, she had to quit that lifestyle, got more involved with me in church and today she is more active than I am.

DozieA woman that doesn’t gossip or have many female friends. In fact the kind of friends a woman keeps determines the kind of person she is in a large extent. I see having so many female friends as trouble. You know how complicated women can be especially with all the drama whenever there is a quarrel. My wife had more male friends when we met. Some of them were guys who were asking her out, some were colleagues and church members but I was comfortable with them. Although she had to break ties with some of them when we got married. It was something that happened naturally.

Wow, ladies, it seems the guys have more expectations from us. I keep asking who went to the market to source for husband and wife materials in the first place.

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  • Well for me in a world filled with so much negative influence that’s slowly eating up the pride of fidelity,loyalty is number one for me, every other qualities are extra for me, a wife material for me is a woman I can trust with my life and inspire me to remain loyal to her.

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