6 Signs That You Are the Side Piece

Signs that you're the side piece
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If you’re reading this, congratulations, you made it to 2023! It feels like yesterday, when we ushered in 2022, arguably the fastest year yet, with so much drama. I sincerely hope that this year will be everything we hope and pray that it should be.

I want to sincerely appreciate those who reached out to me last year since I went silent after the last blog article in February. 2022 was a bittersweet year but we are here. I’m so grateful for your words of encouragement and constant check-ins. Rest assured, Nelly’s Diary is here to stay so expect that I’ll be in your faces this year – no jokes.

On this note, allow me to introduce the Confession Corner on Nelly’s Diary. The confession corner is a safe, no-judgment space that allows you to share your darkest secrets, and fantasies anonymously. I’ve low-key been working on this project low-key since late last year and I’m happy to announce that in February, the first edition will be published.

The festive period is over now, with everything gradually back to normal – I mean we are back to the grind. Money has to be made, bills have to be paid. With detty December and all its shenanigans all behind us, some oversabi people have already started making plans for Valentine’s Day- Please rest in the name of the Lord. We are still trying to navigate the looooong days in January even though we are already halfway gone.

On a more serious note, just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, it is during special holidays that you can tell where your place is in order of priorities in someone’s life- in romantic relationships and sometimes during the talking stage. Now that I’ve called your attention to this, did you notice anything unusual during the festivities? Did they suddenly pick up a fight with you, stopped talking to you, ghosting you all through the holidays? Chances are that you may be the side piece or the person is not that into you.

What are the signs that you are the side chic/cock?

It can be difficult to know for sure if you are not the only romantic partner in someone’s life. If you are wondering about your position in your partner’s life, here are a few signs that may indicate that this person is not being exclusive with you:

Altered schedule or not always available

Unless you want to lie to yourself, no one is ever so busy not to create time for someone that they love. If (s)he is constantly making excuses not to see you or spend time with you, or they are only available when it’s convenient for them, you’re most likely the side piece.**clears throat**

They avoid discussing the status of your relationship

If your partner is always uncomfortable whenever you bring up the conversation about the relationship, chances are that they are not ready to commit (in the case of the talking stage) or they are probably seeing someone else.

Missing out on important dates or holidays

If you hardly spend important holidays or celebrations together, or they always get to postpone a celebration, there may be no real commitment in that relationship.

They avoid hanging out with you in public places

When you’re proud of something you show it off. If they are only comfortable hanging out with you at night or avoid going out on dates with you in public places, you may just be the side piece.

Inconsistency in communications or actions

If they always say one thing, but the action says otherwise, that’s something you shouldn’t sweep under the carpet. Remember, talk is cheap. Observe the actions instead.

Overprotective of their phone

No one would be so protective of their phones if they didn’t have something important or secretive about it. If they always delete their entire call log and have photos encrypted, then there’s something to question. In addition, if they always walk away when texting or talking over the phone, that’s something to be suspicious of.

If you are concerned about the status of your relationship and think that you may not be the only romantic partner in someone’s life, it may be helpful to have an open and honest conversation about your concerns instead of living in assumptions or worse, denial.

What do you think? Feel free to share with us in the comment section as always…Cheers!

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