7 Relationship Resolutions for Singles Ready to Mingle in 2022.

Seasons Greetings Nelly Diarians! It’s been quite a minute. I’m still yet to come to terms with 2022 just being some days away…I can still remember celebrating the New year and boom 2021 is almost gone.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m so adopting my 2019 age henceforth because I didn’t use it (rolling my eyes). Well, time as they say waits for no one and that is the reality.

What did 2021 teach you?

This year came with its good tidings, and of course the ugly sides – life happens. It began to look like “my year” when I thought I had found “the one”. I was looking forward to wearing matching PJs and sharing on social media (since it’s the new trend to oppress single people…lmao) but fate had other plans. However, we mooove!!! 

It’s not uncommon for us to set new year resolutions for fitness, career, finances etc  but most times we forget to set relationship resolutions. Little wonder we find ourselves making some mistakes all over again. 

Setting Relationship Resolutions for 2022.

In the coming year 2022, if you are serious about getting into a relationship, here are some relationship resolutions you should consider;

  1. Go out alone: Normalize going to the movies alone. Go to a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner alone. Sit in bars alone. Who says you can’t travel alone or go to concerts alone and have fun? Potential dates are less intimidated to approach you when you’re alone. Apart from that you’re more likely to notice potential dates when you’re alone. So if you like to hangout with your girls or guys as the case may be, you may need to consider this option for a change.
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2. Travel: Believe it or not, being single especially if you don’t have kids, comes with several pecks, most especially liberty. Why not take advantage of this time and travel? Covid-19 has really made traveling challenging instead of fun. But we can still make do with the available options (hopefully in 2022 things get better). You can go on a weekend getaway, travel to another state and other countries that are still open to tourists. Who knows, you may just meet the “One”. Even if you don’t, you’ll get to have fun, network and also who knows, meet potential friends that could introduce you to the “one”.

3. Make more single friends: Hanging out with couples all the time when you are single can make you feel depressed if care isn’t taken. You tend to feel like the odd one out when things get too mushy. Try to also hangout with other singles and enjoy the tease and thrills of being available and ready to mingle.

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4. Don’t be with someone just to avoid loneliness: Staying in a relationship with someone who you aren’t really happy with or don’t feel anything for will make you emotionally unavailable to someone you could build a lasting relationship with.

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5. Avoid the emotionally unavailable people: The ones that tell you that they are not ready for something serious. If someone tells you that they are not ready for a relationship, believe them. You stringing along with them wouldn’t make them change their mind. You’ll only end up getting heartbroken, and also wasting your time.

6. Don’t forget to smile: You can do all these things mentioned, but if you forget to put a smile on your face, you’ll only end up scaring people away. A smile is like an invitation for someone to come talk to you. So why keep a straight face if you see someone you’d like to talk to, for crying out loud?

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7. Move on if things don’t go as you want: So you met someone and have been on some few dates and talking stage for some few months but there’s not just the spark. It’s pointless trying to build a connection that’s dead. Just move on already.

In as much as you want to be in a serious relationship in 2022, and probably join the matching PJs gang on social media next christmas, don’t forget to live and enjoy life. Don’t lose yourself while trying to be “the one” or find “the one”. You are in charge of your own happiness, not your relationship status.

It’s been such a wonderful year with you guys, you rock! Thank you for always reading, sharing and commenting on the blog. Let’s do this again, but better next year. See you in 2022. Cheers!

Love from Cupid’s Mouthpiece.

Chinyelu Adum is a blend of several traits- fun lover, fashion enthusiast, picture freak, a creative content writer and SEO consultant.

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