7 Vital Things Every Single Person Should Know

Things every single person should know

7 Things Every Single Person Ought to Know by TD Jakes

I always have my headphones over my ears whenever I’m working to ward off distractions and music always has this energizing effect on me. On this particular day I had my earpiece on, as usual, however, instead of listening to my favourite playlists, I decided to look for some motivational sermons and stumbled on things every single person should know by TD Jakes and got stuck.

So I’m going to share some of the things every single person should know according to the preacher.

Deepen your relationship with God

Allow God into every aspect of your life and learn to develop a deep relationship with Him before getting into a romantic relationship. Talk to God about everything and learn to be honest with Him.

Live and budget within your means
When you are in debt it affects your personality, how you act, your emotions. Don’t make decisions solely based on how much you earn. You don’t have to make decisions based on your excesses when you live within your budget and means.

Exercise your body and your mind
This is for stress management, longevity, good sleep and helps you recognize your true important. It doesn’t mean that you should be trim, Exercise your mind. Need something meaningful rather than spending time on social media and gossip blogs. Read religious books, educational books, business books, things related to your career and skills. When you stop thinking you start dying. Not being informed can leave you intimidated, with low self-esteem.

Respect marriage but don’t worship it
Don’t always be in the face of people who are married. When you worship marriage, you would most likely not be satisfied when you’re married because you have your own idea of how a marriage is supposed to be and when it isn’t happening, you’ll be forced to leave.

Guard your emotions

Many single people are emotionally connected to people of the opposite sex they are not even in a relationship with. Guard your heart. Don’t get carried away by every compliment from the opposite sex. That they compliment you doesn’t mean that they want to get into a serious relationship with you. Put a value on yourself. Protect your heart from people who only want to be there only when it is convenient for them.

Develop Interests Beyond Work, Home, School and Church

What else interests you apart from work, home, school, and church? In case you don’t know, your interests make you interesting. Boring attracts boring. The Coulomb’s law in physics- like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract doesn’t apply in this case. Broaden your life so that there would be substance to contribute to a lasting relationship.

Manage your sexual desires
I’ve heard people argue that when they get married they would be able to control their sexual desires. Some swear that in marriage they would be more faithful to their partners. If you cannot manage your sexual appetite while you are single, you won’t be able to even when you get married. Avoid situations that will cause you to fall into sexual sin. Manage your sexual appetite, temptations will always show up on your face whether single or married.

I hope this helps every single person reading this. Please don’t forget to share. You can listen to the full sermon here.

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