7 Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You



Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You

This topic actually makes me laugh now whenever it’s mentioned. There’s obviously nothing funny about it in any way. It, however, reminds me of that low point I once found myself in about three years ago. The breakup with my ex had a great toll on me. Did it come as a surprise to me? Hell No! I was actually ‘waiting’ for it. Two months before the breakup there was already a gap in communication. At first, I thought we were both busy with work and settling into the new reality as he just got transferred out of Lagos. Somehow it happened.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feeds yesterday evening and stumbled on this post “12 Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You”. Out of curiosity, I decided to click through and was somehow taken down memory’s lane when I so wanted to let my ex and the ‘world’ know that I was fine- I can be proud like that. Lol.

If you’re going through a breakup, here’s how to make your ex miss you:

1. Avoid all forms of communication for the moment

Now, this is very important especially if the breakup is recent with little or no explanation. This is also very difficult as you may be tempted to call, text or even stalk your ex on social media. Breaking off all forms of communication will show your ex that you’re fine with the breakup and will not be easily swayed by a premature makeup conversation.

2. Avoid confiding in biased mutual friends

After a breakup, some, if not all of your mutual friends would be eager to listen to you or offer words of advice. Now, this is where you need to apply wisdom and caution as some of these friends may just be looking for information to feed to your ex. If you must confide in anyone, make sure they are your trusted friends or reveal only a bit of how you feel to your mutual friends. This will keep your ex in the dark.

3. Avoid putting up emotionally-charged posts on social media

The post-breakup phase makes one vulnerable to putting up sad status updates, breakup songs or quotes on social media. When you do this, it makes you appear weak and needy.

4. Show that life goes on without them

During the course of a relationship, it’s only but normal to have favourite hangout spots or activities you both engaged in. Don’t let the memory of your ex ruin it for you. If you really did enjoy those activities or visiting those places, there’s nothing stopping you from continuing it.

5. Be happy

Like every other post-breakup advice says, the best revenge is letting your ex know you’re still happy after the breakup. Don’t wallow in your depressed stage. Go out with friends, enjoy your usual activities, get involved in new recreational activities, workout, and if you need to, post your happy moments on social media.

6. Act like your ex is a friend you haven’t seen in a long time when you bump into each other

Act all friendly and initiate small talks like how he/she is doing. Avoid any further invitation for a more intimate catch up. This will make your ex think you’ve moved on and not affected by the breakup.

Hmmm…I’ve rehearsed this scenario several times in my head and I’ve let it be. Best advice, just let things flow naturally and no long talks.

 7. Make yourself look stunning when meeting your ex with your mutual friends

I don’t even know why this should even be a point. You should always look stunning whether you’re in a relationship or not. Some school of thought believes that seeing one’s ex looking so good after a breakup will definitely be agonizing enough for them to miss you. Running into your ex especially at social functions involving your mutual friends will be inevitable. You would definitely love to look your best and this would make he/she miss you more.

Excerpt from naij.online

I’m not a woman of steel

Hmm, who cares? Once you’ve fully moved on, you would care less if you’re being missed by your ex or not.

People have different ways of handling breakup and for me, I buried myself with work. It was a temporal distraction as I was reminded of my predicaments during the weekends, and that was so way back.

Time they say heals wounds. If you’re currently hurting, don’t be hard on yourself. Every relationship once had its good times and it’s only natural sometimes to reminisce about those times but don’t dwell on those thoughts.

Someone just asked me how to get his ex back!






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