8 Unexpected Places People Find Love

8 unexpected places people find love
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Hey Nelly Diarians, It is no longer news, September is always bae for me! If you know, you know. We’ve officially entered into the “ember months” and I just can’t believe that 2021 is almost over! Can you beat that? I can still remember starting the new year, well, it’s no longer a new year. Lol.

So I’ve been thinking? Where does love happen? Are there specific places where one could find love? Definitely not. Love can happen in the most unexpected places and in this article, we’ll be exploring those places that people could find love although some of them are already proven facts.

Overlooked Places You could Find Love

Weddings: This has been a known fact and the probability of finding love at special occasions like weddings still plays out. We’ve all met people at weddings who we vibe with but along the line the conversation went south. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t meeting the love of their life at weddings. I’ve attended the weddings of friends who met at a wedding!

In public transportation (Bus parks/ airports/train stations): From a hi to I do is not just restricted to fairytale stories or movies. If you meet someone you think you’re attracted to, you can start off the conversation with a simple compliment- please don’t flirt. If you get a positive response, you can go with the flow. If they like you enough, they may want to continue the conversation over the phone. If not, it’s all well and good. They may probably be engaged, in a relationship or not just interested in you.

Religious events/ worship centres: My parents met in church. People are still finding love these days in churches and other religious centres so don’t over rule that option. Just remember that not everyone that goes to church/mosque has good intentions so don’t let your guards down until you’re sure that the person shares the same feelings towards you.

Workplace: I used to have reservations when it comes to office romance/relationships (and still do) but when you think of it, we practically spend most of our time at work. Over time, we bond with colleagues we feel very comfortable with, and sometimes, feelings may begin to build up. Romance in the workplace may not be easily embraced by most people, and the reason is quite understandable. Some of the reservation most people have about workplace relationship could be the probability of a breakup. In a situation where the relationship doesn’t work out and they’re forced to deal with seeing or probably working with the person almost everyday. This can make the healing process slower and moving-on harder. However, there are still people who have found love in the workplace and sealed it with marriage.

Banking Hall: Thanks to technological innovations in the banking and financial industry, we can practically perform almost any financial transaction via our mobile phones or on the web, limiting our visits to the bank. Well, the next time you’re going to the bank, ensure that you dress smart, look groom, smell nice and be friendly. You never can tell if you could get hit by cupid’s arrows.

Social Media: Social media used to be all about sharing photos, videos and connecting with friends, that is not the case today. Social media has made it easier for people to socialize even if you’re highly introverted. With a DM on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other social networking apps like WhatsApp and telegram, some people have walked down the aisle from there.

School: Whether it’s a First degree or post graduate degree, love can literally happen anywhere. So while pursuing academics, you can still explore the possibility of building a life-long relationship when you meet someone who vibes with you within the learning environment.

Your neighbourhood: I literally laughed just thinking about this. Although this sounds weird to me, it’s possible that the love of your life might be just within your shokoto while you are busy looking at sokoto (the love of your life may be closer to you than you think). So just maybe you could give that friendly neighbour who has been trying to get your attention a chance. Who knows, you may just end up tying the knots together,

Instead of joining the bandwagons of God when, when you see romantic posts online, why not open your mind to any of these places I just mentioned. How do you even know what works without giving it a try? 

So, which of the options are you willing to explore. You know how we roll, see you in the comment section!

Yours truly,

Cupid’s Mouthpiece

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8 comments On 8 Unexpected Places People Find Love

  • My exploration(s) is over anyways.. For me It’s about the mindset.. If the mindset is right jovial and happy conversations that spark up the right mood and feel will happen in all the aforementioned places.. But the anger and unhappiness in this country would make these places business as usual. U would always see or notice most young people after they vent their anger or an opinion in these places… Then they’ve lost the spark they can offer within the space. Major percentages of fruitful outcomes would be where time is spent the most.. School, organizations, work, neighbourhood and referrals. All the best to all explorers..

  • Let me start by saying Prestissimo, which means as quickly as possible. Yes it possible for people to find love in schools, churches, mosques, market environments. But the most important thing to know and identify the love which are :
    These are process or stages where by feelings or emotions has to grow and one has to be sure of which he or she is following the pattern.
    It takes only a minute to crush on someone, a like someone, a day to love someone but a life time to forget someone. Love is when you take away the feeling, the romance and passion of the relationship and find out you still care for that person. Giving someone all your love doesn’t mean they should love you back. Just allow the love to grow in their heart. Love comes to those who still hope although they have been disappointed, to those who still believe although they’ve been betrayed, to thosw who still need to love although they have been hurt before. And those those who still have faith And courage to build trust again.
    Looks and wealth deceive and fade away.
    What is more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel. A sad thing in life is when you fall I love with someone and find out the person doesn’t feel say way as you do but you just don’t have an option it’s best you let go.
    They problem people have is when things like this happen, they still look back at the relationship that didn’t work out only because they loved that person forgetting there is another person loving them the way they loved the former. When a door of happiness or sadness closes another opens.
    It’s true we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, it’s also true we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives.
    Love is all about understanding.
    No matter the place, when both parties have that burning fire of understanding. The love grows stronger even when they have arguments and settlement. It doesn’t matter where you found love, what matters is your understanding and happiness in your relationship.

  • I have given up hope.

    Congrats to those finding love

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