COVID-19 Lockdown Relationship Rules- Do’s & Don’ts

Civid 19 relationship lockdown rules

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COVID 19 Lockdown Relationship Rules

Hey people, how’s the social distancing going? I hope you’re all staying safe and have not lost your mind yet. Lol

Last week Sunday when we were anticipating (except my lazy bones) that the lockdown would be called off boom, we got another 14 days! Did you see those random memes on social media about married men who can’t wait to be with their side chicks? and the single ones lamenting how they wish they were given some time to ‘collect’ before the lockdown extension. You remember the saying, different strokes for different folks; apparently, some married folks, especially in my space are enjoying this lockdown, bonding with their family.


covid 19 relationship rules

For “chronic singles” like me, can we be bothered? Yes and No! Yes because I can’t go out on dates, wear fancy clothes and makeup. You know the fun and the thrill of having a date with someone you’ve been talking to. Who knows, maybe something beautiful may bud- chai, cupid can be a coward when it chooses!

I’ve been working remotely since the imposed lockdown and man I can tell you how boring it can get being stuck at home especially when I can’t get to enjoy my personal time with my thoughts (I’m a daydreamer). Naturally, I would rather stay at home but you know how the human mind works when there’s a law. The natural tendency is to revolt!

Let me quickly share with you some of the relationship rules that would save you from heartbreak and also boost your love life this lockdown.


covid 19 lockdown relationship rules

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Relationship Don’ts During the COVID-19 Lockdown

    • Don’t and I repeat don’t for the love of God think of buzzing that ex. There’s a reason that person is already an ex. Whether you’ve moved on or not, don’t try to stir up something that will only leave you shattered after the lockdown.


    • Remember most people are bored this lockdown period. Don’t let your guards down when you make new connections online via social media.


    • He/she ghosted you and is trying to start a conversation like nothing happened. Hol up? You’re someone’s prayer point. Why are they texting you or calling this period? Don’t allow the feeling of loneliness push you into the arms of a person that will make you miserable.


Relationship Do’s During the COVID-19 Lockdown


    • Communicate a lot this period. Thanks to the lockdown, even the world’s busiest person still has some time to unwind. Use this time to talk about some unresolved issues. Make plans for post-COVID-19 because it will still come.


    • Give your partner space. It is true that the social distancing has given us more time for ourselves doesn’t mean that your partner would want to be choked with constant texting and calls. This is also applicable for people in long-distance relationships.


    • For the single ones like me, build meaningful relationships. Make friends first without getting your emotions involved. Hope you know emotions no get sense, so remember to always go with your head. But who says you can’t find love during this lockdown? My point is, don’t end up being played!
    • Remember people connect with the opposite sex for different reasons. It’s important to go with the flow and if the friendship is tilting towards an angle you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to have define it.


    • Declutter your space. I don’t mean your physical space- people who have added nothing to your life so far, toxic people and other forms of distractions. Recently I was scrolling through my contacts and couldn’t even remember some of them. I hit the delete button ASAP.


    • Pray. No sane person wants to waste time with someone or a relationship without a direction. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. You don’t have to kabash, well you can, the choice is yours. A simple prayer like God help me can save you the pain of ending up heartbroken.


While you may feel like this is the wrong time to be single, also remember that this is also the wrong time to be with the wrong person.

Cupid is on lockdown so I won’t mind getting some relationship tips in the comment section. Relationship people please share how you are holding up this period? Married folks, how has the lockdown been so far? Please comment in the blog so we’ll take it from there?

On a more serious note, many relationships have been put to test this period. Are you still your bae’s bae?

Chinyelu Adum is a blend of several traits- fun lover, fashion enthusiast, picture freak, a creative content writer and SEO consultant.

39 comments On COVID-19 Lockdown Relationship Rules- Do’s & Don’ts

  • Lovely piece

  • Relationship without the involvement of God from the very beginning always hits the rock

  • Nice write up, really efficient at a time like this

  • Hmmmm….very interesting and educative read, but I believe the singles can still find genuine love even in this lock down

  • Well said @Nelly’s Diary, This lockdown has been a bonus fun with my family, it gave me time to learn new things online that my family and i will enjoy; it made me bond more with my children, to know their strength and weaknesses, but this lockdown isn’t funny in some areas sha o😊 i cook always and make fresh different smoothies every 2 days for the family. In all we thank God for everything, never a dull moment with my husband and Children.

  • Chijioke Ndubuisi Ofojimba

    I need to work on the space. Yesterday she gave me the signal of a needed space. I will bite the bait, to avoid been bored with her because it is not her who is boring but the lockdown. So no more long calls via WhatsApp keep it credit base, for shorter duration

  • Chijioke Ndubuisi Ofojimba

    Wonderful as always. May I add that you are not a chronic single person, your Godly standards are just scary for wordly men, if i was of age, *cough* and height, i would match. Anyways.

    I took interest in the space thingy, no one likes to directly say to their partner that i need a space but one should choose it and your partner will understand. My partner gave me a hint and i will take it atleast halting some timed frequent calls to keep it fresh and special untill we know when all these will end.

    Nice piece

  • Honestly I enjoyed this….for the married IAM sure they will bound well with spouse and children.

    For the singles, I can only say it has made me to know those to write off. There are folks who would come up to talk to me then, now IAM not seeing their breaklight , red nor green light, so it explains they are bounding with the people that are important to them. As a single lady, IAM enjoying my space, the lockdown is teaching me, and have taught me how to stay better in my space…. When I meet my Mr Right, I will know better, how to manage both spaces.

    For those bin a wrong relationship, the truth is that they know, both male and female…. As human they might be hoping to mend the fences. All will be well.

  • Interesting and impressive😊 was like reading and smiling because the writer is a good writer. For me I feel the single can still find true love at anytime even at this time. Well my opinion though🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Such a good time to get back with exes😂😂😂

    In a time like this, best to reflect on one’s relationships. Remove what doesn’t matter

  • Lock down been pretty much fun.. Loving my wife increased.. Improved bonding and I found ways to make everyday Interesting and not bore out from time to time.. Though it comes expensive.. The home deliveries (cravings), the shoppings and fixing / maintenance

    The other part is we constantly communicated and we have new ideas and targets to achieve hopefully. So for me communication has to be key for all relationship types especially how to pull through post COVID Era.

    Wonderful piece gorgeous

    • Wow!Future hubby come and see ohh.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the blog post. It’s good to know that you’ve been having a swell time with your wife. You’ve been a great guy and I’m sure you’re with an amazing woman too!

  • This piece is very apt, vital points to note. I can relate to no. 2 of the “don’ts” , been noticing unsual frequency/vibrations from obviously bored people coming towards me this period. I simply apply the quote that says “buzz/call when you’re bored, then I’ll treat you like I’m busy. I don’t want unnecessary connections.

  • A beautiful write up as always. This period will help parents bond with their children more. My greatest hope is that the rich will understand it is a privilege for them to have achieved what they have and learn to help the poor.
    I believe this period helped me in knowing who my real friends are. For my relationship, I finally know where I am heading to.

  • Hmmm very interesting topic/ tips indeed. Honestly this lockdown has been fun and has taught me a lot of things. For instance I’ve come to learn that going online use to be a thing of choice before but now it is a necessity especially as I have been doing a lot of stuff online aside work that have delivered me from idleness and increased my bank balances. My relationship with God has been rekindled as well unlike when I use to pray on the move. This period has made me understand that learning to stay on your own is one of the best attribute anyone can have thereby helping me avoid looking for conversation with the wrong people as a single lady but rather remain productive and focused, that family is everything and then the major basic amenity needed now is food followed by communication the rest things are unnecessary and inconsequential.👌

  • Nice piece, I particularly like d humor part of this post! Truth is most people are bored yeah so don’t assume it’s love! Like when d lock down started a guy I’ve not talked to in like a year slid into my dm and everyday na hi hi! I got tired really cos the conversation was not even frequent! I asked him wat does he want lol! He says we got off d wrong foot earlier he wants to make amends! Tbh nigga is bored cos he’s chats ain’t consistent, now he’s no more chatting sef! Imagine I put my mind there? No b heartbreak already 🤣

  • Boredom is leading the way to many wrong decisions as the lockdown continues. Just the right time for the right up to sprinkle some sense. Love it. ☺️

  • First time here. Worth the time spent.

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