Does the Price of an Engagement Ring Really Matter?

should the price of an engagement ring matter?
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Hey guys, it’s been a minute. Please don’t give me that look, I know I promised to keep you guys posted but…please forgive me. I’m not going all defensive, not at all.

So did you miss me? Or you moved on like nothing happened. Well, it’s too late cos your cupid’s mouthpiece is going nowhere. I don’t know who started the rumour that I’ve left my passion for blogging to follow man, please stopeeeettt*covers face*.

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

A whole lot has happened between the last blog post and now, what did I miss? Well, I’ve been waiting on Cupid for some “divine inspirations”, with those tiny arrows firing here and there, it seems like some of us may not be able to wade off those arrows much longer. A little bird whispered to me that some people have already been infected by the love bug, which isn’t surprising with the number of wedding invitations here and there. Please oh, nobody should marry my husband!

Okay guys, here’s a serious question. Does the price of an engagement ring matter?

Someone recently sent me a DM on Instagram sharing a post of a lady that called off her engagement simply because of the price of the engagement ring.

does the price of engagement ring matter

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment but should you go into debt just to get one?

Some schools of thought argue that the worth of the ring is proportional to the worth of your relationship. So if your man can’t go all the way to get you an “expensive” engagement ring, he doesn’t take you or the relationship that seriously- hmmm.

I’m well aware that some women (even men) want to show off to their friends and anybody that bothers to listen, the worth of the ring.

When buying an engagement ring, only spend as much as you can afford. It would be foolish to spend so much on an engagement ring if you can’t afford it. I even think it’s a bit financially reckless even if you can afford it. 

what is the price of the best engagement ring

A cheap engagement ring doesn’t have to look cheap.

You are not cheap if you buy a “cheap” engagement ring especially if you and your partner cherish what the ring symbolizes. So, how much is so much really? 

Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

  • Set a reasonable budget and stick to it.
  • Pick a ring that suits her style, not yours.
  • If you choose to get an engagement ring online, be cautious. Ensure that the website is reputable before making a purchase.  While we are still at it, you can find exquisite engagement rings no matter your budget at Charis Touch.
  • If you would rather get a diamond engagement ring, you should bear in mind these 4C’s by diamond experts, according to Diamond Exchange– Cut, Clarity, Carat and Colour.

In my own opinion, the value of an engagement ring should be in the emotions invested in it and the commitment two people have towards each other. Buy a meaningful ring, not necessarily an expensive one. 

Resist the temptation to borrow money to get an expensive ring. However, if you can afford a six-figure amount on an engagement ring, and your partner is in support of it, go for it. 

So what do you think? How much are you willing to spend on an engagement ring? Does the price of an engagement ring determine the worth of a relationship?

I would really love to know your thoughts in the comment section. 

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8 comments On Does the Price of an Engagement Ring Really Matter?

  • Its a tough one TBH. Are you dating a lady that cherishes such things? then you have to put in the effort but still not to your detriment. Is your lady the kind that would reciprocate eg. buy you a playstation 5 or 4 or a mac or iphone? If so then investing in a ring worth say 40 or 50k wouldnt be far off. Is your lady the prudent type? these kind of questions need to be answered by the guy and you would know actually during the courtship

  • Osebo you have said it all “if she’s the type reciprocate” why not👍

  • *that will reciprocate*

  • It should be like 1/3 to 1/3 your monthly salary.
    Dont do pass yourself & don’t be a cheap skate 😝

  • Different strokes for different folks.. Let me further explain. Growing up I always wanted to buy diamond rings.. those crystal clear ones you know what I mean those types that can’t fit into your purse. Then time came I made enquiries and the cost.. Abeg free me.. and the rather cheaper stones were too tiny to be noticed. So I settled for Gold rings with good quality.
    The point here is perception.. My perception would and can make me if I could afford it buy an expensive ring.. Having said that Rings do not define the purpose of taking the relationship further. Rings na copy copy movement.. As for the cost.. It shouldn’t matter. It should be received with love and the future starts. Just like the numerous handkerchiefs and boxers gotten we smiled and showed appreciation.. If she can’t accept a ring then it’s suspicious..

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