Guys, Will You Propose on One Knee

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From parte after parte, to deciding to chill all through January and officially start my year in February with all the rave about Valentine’s day, here we are in March! Can’t believe we are almost wrapping up the first quarter of 2020 wow!

I hope it’s not too late to wish you all a happy 2020. Common, it’s a new decade and it’s still a new year with people you’ve not heard from or seen in a while especially you guys.

So many things have been happening already this year. Oh yeah with the latest threat to the human race- Coronavirus and the different speculations, memes and myths associated with disease, somehow we are staying safe to still talk about love matters *winks*

So Guys, will you propose on one knee?

I’m sure about three weeks ago, many of you saw the trending clip of popular Nollywood actor Pete Edochie expressing his opinion about Nigerian guys going on one knee to propose. He called those guys idiots. Just in case you haven’t seen the video yet, or you have no clue about what I am talking about, just hit on the play button.

His disapproval of the growing and well-accepted trend especially in our present generation sparked so many reactions from both guys and the ladies on social media.

guys will you propose on one knee


guys will you propose on one knee


guys will you propose on one knee


guys will you propose on one knee


guys will you propose on one knee

In this heart matter, do what works for you and your partner. Besides, it is still good to find out the origin of a trend before copying it. You see that public proposal that most guys do these days- even ladies! That’s a story for another day…until then, let’s focus on the matter before us.

Ladies, will you accept a marriage proposal if he doesn’t go on one knee? Guys, do you agree with Peter Edochie or you’ll rather be an idiot for all you care? Pun intended.

Waiting for you in the comment section.  Leggo!!!

Chinyelu Adum is a blend of several traits- fun lover, fashion enthusiast, picture freak, a creative content writer and SEO consultant.

71 comments On Guys, Will You Propose on One Knee

  • Abeg leave pete… and all the people arguing about if a man should kneel down and propose or not… it’s not that deep… there’s nothing there… proposing to a woman doesn’t mean he’s going to be loyal and faithful or even guarantees a perfect marriage and proposing to your woman doesn’t make you less of a man either
    Mbok my worry is how to make money and not propose… or aspire to prespire to expire Let people that want to propose to propose and those that don’t want to propose not to propose. Let people do what please them Pete edochie is old and it’s understandable for him to think that way because he’s more cultured and deep in tradition… I understand This is 2020 and nobody gives a hoot about all these things They don’t matter to me In fact some people don’t propose this days… they just go ahead and… excuse my pidgin(give the girl belle) boom! Marriage don set.

  • I’d defenitely do it one knee!for me it’s a sign of surrender, a sign that you want that one person to complete you!, notice it’s kneeling on one knee and not two, meaning that the other person will defenitely complete you!… I defenitely don’t think the ones on one knee are idiots!

  • Me that will even porstrate and Ichie Peter Ebubedike Edochie is raising the roof. Please make him leave me alone, it’s not his bended knee.

  • Depends on the couple. We copy alot in Nigeria and most times blindly..this is not our culture for a fact…even the way we do weddings this days is all borrowed…so how many of the Nigerian men that knelt down to propose opens the car door for the lady , let a lady go first on a line , give her flowers etc las las all this proposal thing this days na just for social media likes …most Nigerian love stories are same ….oyibo woman no go turn full time house wife just coz it’s an okay culture in Nigeria … own two cents anyways

    • Your two cents makes super sense. We copy what suits us. If we want to go western, we should go all the way instead of being selective. Anyway, most of the marriage proposals these days is all for the gram.

  • As the spirit leads,I feel every opinion is very valid. It all boils down to what works for every one and anyone.
    For me its all about Love and what you feel the person you are involved with likes. Kneeling or no kneeling with one or two kneel doesn’t determine how long the marriage will last.

    When it gets to that stage for proposal and I feel like kneeling na the way….I go Kneel down…If I dont feel like I will be CREATIVE about it.

    Kneel down finish with both knees and two weeks later marriage have scatter!

  • Sorry for the boring answer but I think everyone should do what makes them happy abeg. I see no problem at all in going on one knee though I do see the point of those people that say it’s not our culture.

    Then again, wearing shoes was probably not in our culture also🤷🏾‍♂

  • Sorry for the boring answer but I think everyone should do what makes them happy abeg. I see no problem at all in going on one knee though I do see the point of those people that say it’s not our culture.

    Then again, wearing shoes was probably not in our culture also🤷🏾‍♂

  • You’ve said it all. Do what works for you. Kneeling down or not.. Just do what’s right.. Understand your partner and that would guide your decision..

  • My take not compulsory a man must knee a d propose. That didn’t happen to me and we are happily married. Do i wish for it. Naaa.

  • Yup.

    Pete drops a bomb.
    Women complain.
    Cos the whole dating game is skewed towards women.
    Women should contribute to dates…..wahala.
    Women should pay alimony and child support…..wahala.
    Women should get CEO job positions… you talking.
    Women should sign up for the draft and go to war…..wahala.

    Which is it?

    Are we equal or do women want a free ride? I’m fine with either just let me know prior and dont switch up on me cos me too I dont mind being a househusband….lemme be walking up to get the kids ready for school and go back to bed and go play bingo with the men them….she can take over the world and become the CEO of Google…my ego doesnt mind.

    • That househusband part got me. Lol
      I don’t completely agree with you about women having an issue with what Pete said. I never knew bending on one knee to propose or not was even an issue. I don’t see anything wrong if he doesn’t propose to me on one knee. I like things simple.

      I will say, do what works for you and your partner. Your opinion is still valid Kenpachi.

  • Well for me, I think we just have to focus on the marriage and the future..however, if she want me to knee while I propose to her so be it..because that what she wants .. knee or not, last last, we will be alright..

  • In the first place it was never a law.. It was never created to determine how long or short your marriage will last… It’s also not mandatory for you to do it or not… Someone somewhere some time ago in the past decided to do it and others saw it and decided to do it and now it has become a world habit today… And now someone somewhere has made a decision not to do it, also gave his reasons/opinions for not doing it.. My Question to everyone now is “WHY THE FUSS ?”… when you decide to marry someone if you feel good about kneeling down to propose please do it and if you don’t want to then propose to her/him the way you like ok. Because at the end of everything it just you n your partner no one else… Happy Saturday

  • I’d say do what makes you feel comfortable. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • In as much as I consider kneeling down to propose to a lady dramatic and would unlikely do it, I don’t agree with Mr. Edochie’s view. It’s not by kneeling down sha.

  • I feel indifferent if he decides to kneel or not it doesnt change anything so long as he wants to marry me n and I feel the same but it has to be a surprise that’s the fun part.

  • I personally don’t have issue with going on one knee. Many have proposed while on the bed sef… Let focus on how long the lady shouldn’t be the 👑 of ring after the guy proposr…

  • Kneeling to propose to a lady is not wrong, but after kneeling to propose to the lady and she becomes insubmissive and disrespectful in the long run is where the problem begins. Therefore, I can kneel to propose to a lady with the faith that she remains respectful and submissive in the marriage. And surprising enough that’s where the love of the man increases. I add!

  • If the lady insists I kneel to propose, end of discuion. We part ways. It’s only a proposal to start demanding drama. The real drama is still inside marriage, so it’s best I avoid the drama queens.

  • I see it as a western act like the white court wedding which most ladies think if not done, makes their marriage incomplete. I will act like an African man and do like Pete Edochie advised … I will not kneel down to propose.

  • In an age and time where extant laws cultures and traditions are questioned and revolted by our Mavericks of youths I’m amused that people still want to align with this tradition.
    I for one haven’t given it much thought, and if puts a distinction on my scorecard of chivalry why not. That been said I’m on the fence in this one.

    • You are not permitted to be on the fence on this one. Just kidding. I haven’t given in any thought as well so can’t really relate with the fuss. I reiterate, people should do what works for them in their relationship, simple.

  • Ultimately, the reasoning that goes behind making a proposal on bended knees or not is thrown out the window when the lady of question is put on a valuation scale.

    Would any of the daughters of the former presidents of America, Barack Obama, be proposed to on bended knees if her suitor was a middle class Nigerian – even if his dad was Pete Edochie?

    I’ll leave the answer to you.

    God help my future son-in-law I dont see any of his proposal go viral on social media! What a time to be alive

  • There is nothing wrong to propose to ur bae on a one knee. It is a beautiful moment and it should be memory to rember.

  • It’s not as serious as he made it sound joor… lol. Getting down on one knee to propose to a lady you love doesn’t make you any less of a man… neither does it guarantee a happy marriage though. So just do you

  • But the veteran has spoken. Lol. I believe he was serious.
    I completely agree with you. There’s more to marriage than the way the proposal came.

  • I don’t what the fuss it about going on bended knees. If you can successfully woo a lady and sweep her off her feet, I don’t believe she will mind what your current bodily stance is. On the other hand, if you expect your woman to be submissive the rest of your lives, what stops you from leading by example as the man. Let her enjoy your submission for once. Its only a small price you pay for a YES

    • Same here. Different strokes for different folks. Most feel the gesture is more romantic and shows commitment. I don’t know how the latter relates though. I like the leading by example part. Whether a man kneels to propose or not shouldn’t be an issue if they both truly want to spend the rest of their lives together in marriage.

  • It’s best to hear from the guys… Let the comment Flow from guys….. Anyway, with all due respect to a great legend. But on this one, he has said arant noncence.

    Most people put rings into an icecream etc however he deems fit, you the lady, collect and don’t ask him for a particular format let him do.what he wants and how he likes it.

  • I’m indifferent about this proposal thing, don’t think I will do the drama which involves kneeling down in public. I will find other ways to give her a veragio ring when the time comes.

  • I really don’t see the fuss about kneeling or not kneeling. That should be the least concern when thinking about going into a marriage. However, if a guy doesn’t kneel just because he thinks it’ll make him answer to the woman, then there’s a problem. All these inconsequential relationship matters sef, very unnecessary.
    Whatever position is comfortable for the person to propose is fine. Plus the manner of proposal doesn’t guarantee anything.

    • Very true Blessing. I don’t understand the fuss about it too. As you mentioned, it is important to even know the reason why he doesn’t want to. The lady herself should ask herself why she insists he proposes on one knee.

  • It’s all about doing what suits you best, if you’re a ‘romantic’ like me, getting down on one knee would come easy, not forgetting the ambience (music etc) all of which is to make her feel special and doesn’t make the man any less.

  • I personally don’t see any issues kneeling to propose to ur woman, the question now is, after kneeling down, will u fulfil the promise u made to her? Yes! it’s a beautiful moment and a memorable one! Will you the Man make it memorable all her life? So to me, it doesn’t count and it doesn’t show u love her more💁

    So many ladies have been proposed to by kneeling down, yet the marriage didn’t last at all. What we should be focused on now is: i hope he will make a good husband to me and not how he positioned himself to propose to u.

  • I don’t really think it matters.
    In the end, it’s different for everyone. But if proposing on one knee is the style of the one i love, then I’ll gladly be an idiot😁

  • Personally, I see no correlation between kneeling down to propose and how good the marriage gets. It all depends on the parties involved. As a man, if you are with a woman who would prefer you knelt down to propose, then I don’t think it takes anything away from your manliness to do that. After all, the day you set out to propose to her should be as special as you can make it for the both of you.

    • In actual sense, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Someone recently shared with me that he can’t go on one knee to propose because he’s a titled man. The reason some men don’t want to do it is because of ego. Some women insist on it because they feel it shows more commitment. People should stick to what works for them. If it’s such a big deal compared to the marriage itself, they should be with someone who supports whether or not to propose on one knee.

  • Kelechi Onuchukwu

    yea most definitely I will go down on bended knee, after all it’s a plea ” will you marry me?”. Banish your pride and ego aside, you are begging the woman of your dreams to this for the rest of her life. I had a friend who just toss the ring to his fianceé, without the kneeling and she was hurt and she complained to me later, I asked him why he didn’t do the usual, he was like he didn’t want to it because others are doing it and besides it is not his style. oh well, for me I will do it over and over again. P.s I dey find wife o…

    • He tossed the ring😯😯😯??? Well, there are other ways to propose other than going on one knee. Ladies, Kelechi is in search for a wife. He’s willing to roll over…sorry go on one knee to propose 😄

  • I don’t think kneeling ONCE to propose to the love of your life, just to make the moment beautiful for her, is a big issue and it definitely doesn’t make you an idiot. Just do what WORKS for you and the girl, and makes the moment a SPECIAL one for her. Lobatan!

  • As an Urhobo man, the thought of kneeling to a woman is alien to us. Not sure I will do this.

  • Well in my own opinion my dear.
    I see nothing wrong
    going on one bended knee and propose because that’s what makes both parties happy at that moment.
    Pete might not do that during his own doesn’t mean if you feel like doing yours that way you shouldn’t because Grandpa Pete has said it.
    I respect him tho (Sir Pete ).
    It all balls down to your decision.
    If it makes you happy go for it!
    For me I’ll do it over and over to my future wife.
    I can’t propose to my wife and boom she’ll be In control.
    She’ll see herself in her fathers house.

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