How I Met My Husband In Lagos

The saying that good things come to those who wait is so true.  God blessed me with the best man I never imagined and I consider myself to be such a lucky woman!

We didn’t meet in the best circumstances. In fact, I was stranded. I had just started a new job on the island and was still trying to adapt to the early morning motorist madness.

I missed my 4:30AM alarm and that meant I was running late and couldn’t keep up with my neighbour who dropped me off at work so you can imagine that my day had already started at a rough note.

I managed to board the last bus going to CMS at almost 6:30AM, that meant I was going to get to the office roughly around past 8. That is if the trucks had miraculously cleared the roads, with less traffic congestion.

People find husbands in lagos traffic


Then the bus broke down. I almost fainted. It was over. Should I call in sick and go back home? I could feel strange stares at me as I paced back and forth muttering under my breath but I didn’t care. I couldn’t afford to be late, not today.

I hissed as the driver coiled up under the bus with some tools and began to hit only God knows what. It’s only in Lagos that the driver is also a mechanic!  The other passengers had already begun to express their dissatisfaction with the whole incidence. In my confused state I didn’t realize that I had walked some reasonable distance away from the scene. I was still contemplating on my next line of action when a blue Toyota Rav4 pulled up close to me and a tall slim caramel skin man alighted from the car.

Hello good morning. I figured you were in that bus that broke down. I am going to the island, I believe you are heading there as well.

I stared at him not knowing what to say so I just nodded. I really don’t know why I followed him. I felt unusually comfortable around him. Was it his handsome face and scanty beards under his chin ? Or the smell of his perfume that just made me want to dream of paradise? Or the way he smiled when he spoke? We talked about work, Lagos madness and life and I had completely forgotten that I was already late.


How i met my husband


We had lunch together that day and the next day. Our communication was on point and within one month, it was like we had been long time friends. We decided to take things to the next level. Our tribal differences wasn’t an issue to both families. We dated for eight months before getting married.

I wont say it’s been a smooth ride as we’ve always had our high and low times but we’ve always come out strong. He calls me his rock and I call him my world. We are blessed with twins – a boy and a girl just as I have always wanted.

Me waking up from my fantasies and facing the real word.

How i met my husband


Maybe I would just wait for my husband to fall from the ceiling ***Wide grin****

It’s 2019 anything is possible!!!

Chinyelu Adum - a self-acclaimed Cupid's mouthpiece, unapologetic picky foodie, a picture freak, and an aspiring Tech sis. She is also an SEO expert with experience in the eCommerce and Banking industry.

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