9 Husband Material Qualities Ladies Should Look Out For


Welcome to 2019. I have no doubt that this year is going to be an amazing one for us.

While we are settling into the New Year, someone on social media just reminded us that we are yet to see what the 2019 awaits us- especially the guys.


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What are the Qualities of a Husband Material?

Some married women shared some of the traits they looked out for in their men before saying I DO. I hope this helps.

Ngozi, 31He manages his finances well. No matter how much we tell ourselves that love is more important in relationships, money is importanter- pardon the French. Ladies should look out for a guy who isn’t afraid to spend on dates and special occasions and also doesn’t live a frivolous lifestyle trying to impress people around. Does he live beyond his means? How does he handle bill payments like utilities and rent?

Feyi, 28He is your best friend. When something good happens to you, you want to tell your best friend. If something terrible happens to you, your best friend is usually the first person you think of pouring out your emotions. You need to be with someone you want to share your life with, both the good and the bad. That was how I Knew my husband was the one for me.

Yetunde, 34- We live in a social media crazy world now. We spend so much time on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and all. If  your man is always checking his Instagram or Facebook feed especially when you are around, or is more interested in taking pictures with you and sharing on social media, that is a serious red flag. In fact I see such a guy as immature and not ready for marriage at all.

Angela, 30Trust is important. In fact, honesty and trust is everything in a relationship.  Lack of trust is one fast way to ruin any relationship. Is he trustworthy? Does he say something and does another? Once trust has been established with each other, the rest of the relationship should come naturally.

Eno, 32A good man will always consider you and your feelings before making any decision whether big or small. Factoring you in everything shows that he respects you and cares for your input. It could be an indicator that he sees a future with you.

Grace, 27A husband material respects everything about you- your thoughts, ambitions, opinions, the things you say, the company you keep, your job. He doesn’t make you feel bad about your life circumstances and he appreciates the person you are and the choices you have made.

Karo, 30He sees you as a partner. You are not just someone he is with to feed his ego or validate him but someone he can grow with. He sees you as a team and not a trophy.

Chidinma, 27A guy who wants to marry you. LOL. I don’t mean all those cunning dudes that use the word marriage to lure gullible ladies. A guy can be God fearing, spend on you, give you quality attention and sometimes go to the extent of introducing you to his friends and in some rare cases, his family but still has no intention of settling down with you. Not because the lady in question isn’t amazing or lacks wifely qualities. He may not just be ready to settle down or doesn’t even believe in marriage. When a guy is ready to settle down in marriage and meet a girl he thinks he can spend his life with, he knows from the onset. She won’t be left hanging and guessing what his true intentions are.

Vicky, 33You communicate with each other freely. You know he respects you and will see what you have to say as valid and important. There are no relationships without fights, misconceptions or arguments. Open communication can help couples scale through such tough times when it arises.

Don’t miss out on what the guys have to say about qualities of a wife material in the subsequent blog post.








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