11 Relationships Lessons Learnt from Acrimony Movie

Acrimony movie


If you haven’t seen Acrimony, it’s not too late to although I don’t think that it is still showing in the cinemas. Acrimony is a psychological and intriguing story of a faithful black woman (played by Taraji P. Henson) who feels enraged after being “betrayed” by her husband (Lyriq Bent). I finally got to see the movie in June and was glad I didn’t watch it at the cinema when it was at the rave.

I had gotten enough spoilers already but somehow the movie left me with mixed feelings and several questions in my head. Who was wrong? Was she really used? Was he selfish? Is it wrong to make sacrifices for the one you love?

Although he offered her ten million dollars and bought back her mother’s house, it still cannot be compShe had justifiable reasons to be in enraged. She felt betrayed.  She lost her womb, got broke as she had to finance his education and his battery project with her inheritance had to work two to three job to meet household needs. She even had to mortgage her mother’s house and when she couldn’t take his alleged extramarital affair, she had to divorce him, after much pressure from her sisters who never liked her husband right from day one. Now that is looking at it from a sentimental point of view.

If you ask me, I think they both got what they bargained for. Her main dream was her marriage to him while her husband at the other hand had a dream which he pursued irrespective of the setbacks. Yeah she supported his dreams but sadly she wasn’t there to enjoy the reward of her efforts. It just proves once again that at the end of the day you are responsible for whatever decision you take. Don’t make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation. Her rage cost her everything- and her life eventually.

What Some People Had to Say About Acrimony

Sweet Mo

If he ever loved her, he should have gone back to his wife irrespective of the fact that she divorced him. After all, it was a dream that the both of them had. It would only have been natural for him to call her, thank her and even use the medium to even remind her of where they started from, her investments and all. He knew she divorced him due to pressures from her sisters.

Barrister Jay

What made her so upset was when she found out that her husband actually married the lady he cheated with way back. The same lady who made her lose her womb. However, I always say this, your dreams are valid. As a woman, you should have your own goals, dreams, and plans for a fulfilled life. The only reason why she could spend all her energy and money on a man was that she didn’t have any dreams of her own. To avoid going crazy over a man, get yourself some dreams and chase them.


Those that the woman is the victim are a sociopath. I always advise guys not to let any woman sacrifice so much for him to feel that entitlement over you.


I think she was just a means to an end. Imagine he ended up with the woman he once cheated on her with back in their teenage years. She lost her womb. Her youth. Her house, although he later bought it back for her. Her money and even her sanity. The ten million dollars wasn’t enough to bring back the wasted years


That guy was lazy. A guy who depends on his girlfriend/ wife for money has no respect for her. All he knew was how to get freaky with any lady that came his way. Guess that was one reason she loved him though. I stand to be corrected. Matter of fact I blame the guy more.

Slim K

I would have taken her back although she left me when I had nothing but then she gave me life and hope when I had nothing too.


She wasted her emotions. She should have shot the guy in her knees leaving him handicapped. Her rage was that he married the woman which happened to be the one he withed on her with when they were teenagers. She got more infuriated when he started living the life he promised her with the other woman.


She was felt so entitled. Come to think of it, she would have probably been happier and satisfied if he was broke and homeless.


See it goes both ways. There are some ladies like that as well. There are always signs. Once you see the sign it’s best to run. I blame the lady. She was blinded by love.


If she didn’t support his dream right from his undergraduate days, would he have gotten to the level he got to? Also, don’t forget that he couldn’t have a white-collar job because of his criminal record. The thing is he was an opportunist. All he needed was any woman who could cater for him.


What do I think? She had her life wrapped around him. She had no purpose. I would even say that her purpose was her marriage to him. While her husband, on the other hand, had a dream. The worst thing to happen to anybody is to make sacrifices and someone else gets to enjoy it in the end. Some people argue that her husband in question was persistent with his dreams but I still maintain that he was insensitive and took advantage of her innocence and gullibility while she was emotional and overbearing.

I recommend that every single person especially should watch the movie Acrimony by Tyler Perry. The movie starred Taraji Benson (Cookie Lyon from Empire). You can’t expect less drama from the queen of drama herself. Yeah, she’s one of my favourite characters in movies.


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