What Makes Guys Decide to Get Married- The Right Girl or the Right Time

what makes guys get married


 Do guys decide to get married because of the right girl or the right time?

When it comes to settling down, people have different views. Many believe that women are more geared towards marriage more than men.

Women are more emotional while men operate from a logical angle. While most women may want to settle down with the guy she feels is the right one, men see way beyond that. He has to be ready not just emotionally but also financially as well.

I don’t know if it’s a saying but I’ve heard times without number that a man can decide to get married at the snap of his fingers when he is ready. How true is this?

what makes guys get married

Well, I took the liberty to ask the opinions of some guys aged between mid-twenties and early thirties the question- What Makes Guys Decide to Get Married- the Right Girl or the Right Time?


Personally, I think it is a mix of the two options but I’m swinging more towards time. Even if you have the right girl, the time factor is still critical.


Well for me it has to do with age sometimes. From 25 to 32 years, it’s about the right girl cos there’s no pressure on the guy’s part. He’s ready to build with the love of his life. But when he’s between 35 to 39 years and above, some are under pressure. Let’s not forget the Nigeria factor. How many guys are ready at 30?


Sincerely I think it is both combined. Prioritizing one is like making a decision between time and the right girl. It’s like finding the right but you’re not ready time wise. While on the other side, you’re ready time-wise but have not found the right person that compliments you. Judging from everything happening around I think guys prioritize time to the right person.


I believe it’s more of the right girl. We can’t totally eliminate the right time factor but when you find the right girl, the fear of losing her makes you speed up time, and start acting.


For me, I think it depends on the right girl, for a serious guy. When you see the right girl, it paves way for you to be ready even if you’re not.


Right Girl. Whenever you see the right girl it’s the right time. This depends on his age though. Marriage is for adults not for children.


Both. Timing is everything. You can have the right girl and not be ready. But having the right girl can accelerate the process greatly. Hence the right girl has more weight than the right time.


It depends. When you find the right girl, and you are financially ready. Why wait?


The right time, then you look for the right girl that compliments your dream. She should also be loyal/sincere. Be his best friend and you have won him.


Right girl largely, but timing is also a factor. So both are put into consideration.

Mr. A

I believe it’s the right girl because if you say time, that means when you feel it’s the right time to marry then you can marry a prostitute just to meet up. On the other hand, who’s the right girl? are you the right guy? I believe finding the right person is being right ourselves.


Personally, It would be because of the right woman.

Well, different strokes for different folks. Guys if you know you aren’t ready to settle down max within the next two years (depends on the age of the lady in question), then there’s no need starting a relationship or wasting her time by continuing with it. Unless there’s a mutual agreement between the two of you. Ladies, what do you think?

I do have a question though. Does being ready only have to do with finances?

What do you think?




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