8 Best Ways to Start an Online Conversation With a Girl

Chatting with a woman online

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How to Start a Conversation with a Lady Online

Starting a conversion with someone you like online is a different experience compared to if you were to be with that person. With a physical meeting, you can observe body language or the other person’s demeanor which can be difficult to tell if you are connecting via social media. Despite these challenges, social media has made connections easier. Distance is no longer considered a barrier for people who are willing to give a chance to a long-distance relationship.

How to Chat with a Girl Online

Even though I mentioned that Mr.O didn’t come with endearing words, he was courteous and in retrospect, we wouldn’t have had a somewhat not so pleasant start if I had reciprocated the gesture with a meaningful response.

Guys, let me help you, it is possible to have a cool and meaningful conversation with a girl you like on social media if you follow the right approach.

How can you connect with someone on social media and you start flirting immediately? Even if it has worked before doesn’t mean that it will work for every woman you meet online.

How to Talk to a Girl You like Online

Here are 8 cool ways you can break the ice and chat with a lady you like on social media.

1. Don’t start a conversation with flirting
Avoid words like hey sexy, beautiful angel and other flirty or suggestive names otherwise you will be perceived as a joker. Rather you can tell her that you appreciate her connecting with you and would like to know her better.


2. Never try starting up a conversation with a video call without her permission
I have experienced this lot and can’t understand why someone I don’t know would want to video chat without my consent. It is outright rude! Courtesy demands that you ask for permission first. This is applicable to anybody whether you’ve been friends for ages or you’re just connecting.


3. Try to get acquainted
This should be mutual. You can start from the basics like what she does, where she is based, where she schooled, where she is from. Don’t ask for her village or genotype! Oga calm down, that’s being too forward.


4. Take things easy
Avoid asking so many questions at the same time. You can never know everything about each other in one day. Take things one step at a time. Give her a break.


5. Ask for her interest

What are her hobbies? Does she prefer hanging out with friends or would she rather chill at home? This can give you an idea of who she is and how to relate with her.


6. Request for her phone number but don’t push it
I wouldn’t say there is a rule on the best time to ask for her phone number but how you go about it determines her response. If she declines, she may not be interested in the friendship or she just isn’t comfortable with you yet. Coming up with drama in a bid to coax her to give you her number would just make you look desperate and foolish.


7. Meet at a public place
If you decide to see each other, make sure it is in a public place like a restaurant, lounge, leisure park, art gallery, etc. Avoid the temptation of inviting her to your house. Guys that invite ladies over to their house, what is happening there? Or those that ask when will you come and see me? Let me ask you, are you in the hospital? Does she look like a doctor or a nurse? Even if she were, don’t you know the way to the hospital? Ladies find this repelling and if you must know, only irresponsible guys behave like that. How do you expect her to take you seriously?


8. Read in between the lines
If you are the one always striking a conversation or your dialogue is in monosyllables, chances are she may not be interested in the friendship.


Apply these tried and tested conversation starters to help you vibe with a lady you like on social media, and thank me later!


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