7 Practical Ways to Deal with Rejection in Love

dealing with rejection

I almost got caught up in a social media war today because of my phone number.  I’ve known this guy for a while (on IG) and interacted once every other day. One day he requested for my phone number and specifically asked for the one registered on Whatsapp because he felt Instagram didn’t allow us to chat as frequently as he wanted. Giving my number wasn’t a problem to me but he thinking texting on Whatsapp would improve communication wasn’t something I could guarantee. I had completely forgotten about the phone number request until he sent a DM and mentioned it. I still can’t believe he actually repeatedly asked me the reason for my decision when I declined and even sounded quite derogatory. I can’t get it why people can’t seem to understand when there is a boundary and go as far as questioning your decision.

While I sat brooding over what to do, I shut down that voice gingering me to act. No, I wasn’t falling for that. I’ve already learned that sometimes your silence is louder than spoken words. If someone could really act like this simply because I wasn’t ready to give him my Whatsapp phone number what if he had asked me out or something and I said no? I decided not to even give him my other number, someone like that can’t be my friend.

One of the hardest parts of rejection to handle is that of romantic love. Interestingly, it has been observed that many people tend to love and desire those who aren’t as passionate about them. It seems like being rejected or merely fear of being rejected makes us more passionate about what we can’t have, making us suffer even more.

How to deal with romantic rejection

Time heals wounds but we still need to make conscious efforts in dealing with rejection to make your recovery period shorter. Are you struggling with romantic rejection? Why don’t you follow these tips? They apply to both guys and ladies and I assure you, these work!

1. How you feel is just for a while

You have to keep reminding yourself that this is only temporary. As time goes on, you may be thankful for that experience especially when you find someone who loves you just as much as you love him/her.

2. Engage in physical activities

When you engage in physical activities, you’re forced to concentrate on the outside and live in the moment. This is the reason why we feel so alive when we are active. You can start a new exercise workout at the gym, play tennis or other physical activities that you find interesting.

3. Learn something new

Learning a new skill can help you heal by keeping us busy and focused. To make things even better, learning a new skill may help discover new opportunities or meet new people.

4. Travel

New places are always fun to explore and distract our attention from negative thoughts and add excitement to your life.

5. Don’t dwell on your emotions

Ignoring how you feel might be a hard thing to do but if you want to heal quickly, you should avoid blaming and criticizing yourself. Draw your attention to other good things you have going on around you.

6. Meet new people

When you meet someone new, you want to put your best foot forward, and this will force you to pick yourself up. In addition, new people have new exciting stories to tell which helps you stay distracted.

7. Don’t enter into a new relationship

While a new relationship will seem like the best way to get over the past quicker, it is not a healthy way of dealing with rejection.  This might be bad for you and will be potentially hurting the other person’s feelings. You should give yourself time to heal before getting into another relationship.

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