What’s your Relationship Deal Breaker?

relationship deal breakers

Hello there, It seemed like ages. I decided to take a blogging break- Not a smart move I know and I’m deeply sorry. Anyway, I’m back and I promise to bring very interesting topics for us to ponder about and share ideas as well. Oh yes, a lot will be in relationships as I’ve got many requests from readers on topics focused on relationships.

Someone asked me what my deal breaker in a relationship was. Hmmmm! I know some people are already wondering what a deal breaker in a relationship is. A relationship deal breaker can be anything that makes one of the party withdraw from the relationship if it is unresolved. Issues of the heart can be complicated at times. The truth is, the best time to end something before it begins. You cannot do this without a standard.

Most times we find someone that we are attracted to and start thinking of taking a step further to dating. Of course with the butterflies in your stomach and the so good to be true feeling, we tend to ignore certain things like getting to know who this person really is, their values and compatibility. Then we find ourselves so stuck and have no choice (a lie we tell ourselves) but to date this person. Then just as if a light bulb was turned on, we suddenly begin to notice things we obviously don’t like. You suddenly realize that he/she complains a lot about every little thing. Initially, you enjoyed getting to know every passing detail in his/her life. It made you feel special. Now it’s suddenly becoming irritating to you.

Ok, let’s get straight to business. Last week, I asked some people what their relationship deal breaker(s) was and I would just share some with you.

Me: What’s your relationship deal breaker?

Musa (Software Engineer): Still keeping in touch with an ex. I find it rather irritating. Common what are they talking about? I believe still communicating with an ex can lead to cheating and lies.

Mr. Chuks ( Entrepreneur): Respect is everything. It doesn’t matter if she loves me, if there’s no respect, I can’t deal.

Vivian (Banker): I once dated a guy who gave his video games all of his attention. Initially, I didn’t see it as anything. It made me feel secure knowing that he would rather stay at home and play video games than hang out with friends outdoor. I couldn’t take it when he still chose his game over me whenever I visited. I got tired of complaining and just had to quit the relationship. It was painful at some point but I’m so glad that I walked away then.

Dubem ( Sales Representative): Independence is a great deal breaker for me. I can’t stand a woman who depends on me for every little thing. I don’t mean just financially, but every tiny decision she has to make. I need someone that can take initiatives. I can work around with any other flaw, after all, nobody is perfect.

Ayo (Travel Agent): Sex before marriage is a deal breaker for me. I actually met this guy, we got talking and decided to take things to the other level. Of course, I mentioned to him that I intended to be celibate until marriage and he seemed fine with my decision at that time. I began to notice some funny behaviours and when I confronted him he responded by saying I wasn’t acting my own part in the relationship. In short, he told me that he didn’t think we were in a relationship yet since sex wasn’t involved. I was heartbroken.

Chioma (Nurse): Trust is everything to me. If I don’t trust you enough why should I give you my heart?

Dayo (Graphics Designer): I can’t stand lies. I like when my woman is true no matter what. If she can lie to me then she would definitely cheat on me. So lies are my deal breaker. It may sound cliché but I know what I’m saying.

So what’s your deal breaker? Feel free to share with us. Have an amazing weekend.

Chinyelu Adum - a self-acclaimed Cupid's mouthpiece, unapologetic picky foodie, a picture freak, and an aspiring Tech sis. She is also an SEO expert with experience in the eCommerce and Banking industry.

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