7 Ridiculous Relationship Breakup Excuses

Ridiculous relationship breakup excuses

What is the worst relationship breakup excuse?

I’m yet to see or hear about anyone who hasn’t experienced any form of relationship issue- unless of course you haven’t been involved in any relationship, brace up because you’re definitely going to have your own fair share. Did I just hear a God forbid? Well, this isn’t a curse. It’s just life.

Dealing with another human being can be hard and this thing called love isn’t always a smooth sailing as movies especially Disney stories and the romantic movies with the happily ever after portrays.


Are there really happily ever after? I wish I could say yes. I used to be a hopeless romantic and strong believer of such until…life happened and still happens; now jungle don mature.


Anyone who’s been dumped knows what a horrible feeling it is, especially if your now-ex gives you some cliché, BS reason for breaking up.


Some Common Relationship Breakup Excuses

It’s me, not you

Gosh this may seem true and does actually sound nice BUT if you’ve ever gotten this tired line, you’ll agree that it leaves you more confused, yeah?


I don’t deserve you

Hardly will you ever get this line without the it’s me, not you (sighs). Please who started this emotional rough play? 


I love you so much that it scares me

Hmmm…although some people have argued that this is possible but nah…check well and be truthful to yourself, there must really be something else making you scared please don’t blame it on love. After the Bible says perfect love casts out fear.


We don’t fight enough

As crazy as this sounds, I’ve heard people especially ladies mention this a sign of a good relationship. Arguments and fights are way different. Picking up unnecessary fights will only push your partner further away from you emotionally. Well, in this case the reverse is the case-Lol.


I need some time apart

This is another subtle way of breaking up with someone without hurting their feeling. Well, that’s what they think.  Whenever this line is used, the person is no longer interested in that relationship. If you are really into someone, why will you need some time apart? This is different from having some alone time. No committed relationship involves staying away from each other for a long period at a time.


You’re too nice

You’re too sweet for a guy, I need a man that would be able to control me. Really?


I need to focus on my work

When you are no longer interested in someone, you’ll just make up anything just to break up that relationship.


Why do people give dumb excuses to break up a relationship? There is nothing worse than not getting closure whether you envisaged the breakup or you were totally taken by surprise about the breakup. It’s hard to move on when you feel like you don’t know the real reason why things didn’t work out. Being truthful about a breakup may be painful but it hastens the process of acceptance and moving on.


If you find yourself the recipient of some dumb /silly breakup excuse, take solace, at least you are not alone. 


I would like to know the lame breakup excuses you’ve received and let’s laugh about it together in the comment section. If you’ve also given crazy breakup excuses, don’t be shy, you can be kind enough to share as well. 


PS: It’s a Soro Soke season!!! Let’s also remember to end every form of emotional brutality as well.

Cupid’s Mouthpiece.


Chinyelu Adum is a blend of several traits- fun lover, fashion enthusiast, picture freak, a creative content writer and SEO consultant.

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