Gist- Are Saturdays Only for Owambe?

saturdays and owambe gist

My fetish- Dark, slim, tall and handsome guys, even though my brother keeps arguing that complexion isn’t really a criterion for me when crushing on someone is concerned ( now I’m beginning to wonder if he knows me better than I do.Lol)

Anyway, let me just go straight to the point. Mum had insisted I followed her and her elder sister to the wedding of one of their relations.  She had been hinting about the wedding for the past three weeks and I’ve been devising a strategy not to attend but someone got carried away with events of life until Friday night when I got back home from work, happy that I had a full weekend to rest. I had canceled a movie hangout I had and a housewarming party I was supposed to attend on Saturday.

Remember the wedding is tomorrow. Hope you are set? Mumsy announced as she saw me settling in the living room to catch up with the Big Brother Naija happenings.

Which wedding? Jesus! Is it this Saturday? I didn’t plan to go anywhere this weekend

What are you even doing at home every Saturday?

Mummy I need to rest joor. I’ve had a stressful week. Besides, I’ve not been at home most Saturdays and all my Saturdays this march are booked

All the rest you’ve been resting. Let me tell you, it’s only in the graveyard that you can have enough rest

I sigh, this woman wasn’t going to give up.

You never can tell if you will meet him there” She winked mischievously.

Hmmmm…you’ve started. Who told you it must be at this particular wedding. Ok, I will go with you Jeez!

Good, Big mummy would be going with us. I smiled. Big mummy is her eldest sister. She was more like our grandmother now.

Trust attending weddings or other social functions with African parents, especially mothers, I was literally introduced to everyone that we met at the wedding.


saturdays and owambe gist

From those who asked the silliest of questions like if I had written jamb- God! I’m I that small? To the busybodies that asked if I was already married like they didn’t notice my bare fingers. I was tired of the introductions that seemed never to end. My mum was definitely enjoying it as she had not seen most of ‘those’ people in ages. I quickly went back to our table and sat there hoping to be lost in the crowd and not be noticed then my dreams came true!

saturdays and owambe gist

There he was, the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen in a long while, walked up smiling towards me. My heart froze! Dear Lord, this can’t be happening to me! He extended his hand for a handshake. I was momentarily paralyzed. How can someone be so cute, tall, light-skinned, toned body with a beautiful gapped tooth ( my brother was right, complexion isn’t a big deal for me when it comes to attraction.)

Hello… I said barely hearing myself. He beamed and sat down beside me still smiling leaving me awestruck (Please don’t do this to me I prayed silently). I couldn’t remember what he said his name was. He didn’t even bother asking for my name.

Don’t you remember me? He asked jolting me back to reality.

I…I…have we met? I was totally embarrassed while he still maintained his smile. (Can he just stop smiling already?)

Well, not exactly. We met about four years ago at a party of one of my relations but you soon disappeared immediately we exchanged pleasantries.”

How could I forget such a handsome face? While I was trying to articulate my thoughts, one of the busybody aunts comes toward us.

Ekene, I can see you’ve met your distant cousin Chi, the daughter of Aunt Grace, your mother’s cousin that lives in Festac….Oh yes, she’s your sister! She said eyeing the two of us.

saturdays and owambe gist


If I were light skinned I would have turned pepper red because I felt my cheek burn! I don’t know if I was more embarrassed than disappointed. My cousin crush immediately lost all the effect he had on me.

Cupid how could you be playing games on me?







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