14 Signs that She’s in Love With You


Signs that she's in love with you

Signs that she’s falling in love

After I wrote about dealing with long distance relationship, I’ve gotten messages from guys convincing me that distance shouldn’t be a barrier between us. 

Oga did you read my opinion on long distance relationship? If you did you won’t talk about making it work.

So when one Mr O sent me a friend’s request on facebook, his surname caught my attention- had mutual friends with same surname. So I hit the accept button. Out of bias, I didn’t do my usual checks for accepting a friend’s request. Plus I was super busy that day. 

Our first few conversations wasn’t cheery at all. First he accused me of not being conversational, next he reminded me he was equally busy. Ah! Who is this? We’ve barely connected and we’re fighting already. 

I had to pause what I was working on and skimmed through this ‘intruder’s’ profile- Kilode. Who did I offend? Has he met me before? Has he heard about me? Oga, we’ll trash things out. You can’t come to my inbox and bully me, Nah! 

I later got to understand he’s weird sense of humour. Well, that shouldn’t be a bother. I knew like I know my name that we will go our separate ways within days- Now I doubt if I still know my name.

What kind of guy is this? He didn’t even allow me do my shakara. Curiosity got the best part of me. You remember that saying that curiosity killed the cat- in this case I’m still the cat but with nine lives. 

How can someone that drives you nuts make you happy at the same time? Haba, Oga Cupid that’s not the arrangement na. What happened to Prince Charming who will sweep me off with his nice words? Either Prince Charming is a scam or Cupid is  just playing hide and seek with me. Someone should tell him that I’m not interested in this kind of game. 

When my brother asked Nelly Are you in love? I knew I was in trouble. Feelings don’t have sense oh. You have to be following it up with sense before it leaves you stranded. Imagine being in a relationship with yourself. It’s never a happy ending!

So Mr O I don’t know what you are up to but you’ve gotten my attention already. Maybe it’s time to try something different. 

Imagine me talking about Mr. O that I almost forgot about the topic, sure signs that she is in love with you. Women express their feelings differently.  I’ll just list the common signs of women in love. That is if she’s a normal woman… OMG

How to Know if She’s into You

  • She always makes time for you. 
  • She speaks highly of you. 
  • She hates being far away from you for long periods. 
  • She has a new glow- excessive joy, energy and inspiration. 
  • She grants you access to her personal space. 
  • She shows signs of jealousy.
  • She worries about you. 
  • She shows interest in your personal life.
  • She gives too much importance over what you say to her. 
  • She remembers everything you’ve ever said. 
  • She’s never bored of talking with you. 
  • She supports you. 
  • She’s more interested in plans that involves only two of you. 
  • She wants to know what your think about the potential relationship with her.

What if cupid has finally remembered my address? I don’t trust that guy. He seems to be playing games with me lately. Dear cupid, anyhow you want it, just know that las las, that arrow must reach my side even if I end up robbing you – Yes, the violent taketh things by force!

Just in case you catch me smiling to myself unnecessarily, maybe I’ve caught the love bug. Mr O I’ve decided to be staying up with you because reality is far better than my dreams. 

Your love is holding on and it won’t let go
I feel it breaking out like an echo
Your love is holding on and it won’t let go
I feel it breaking out like an echo
Echo in my so-o-o-o-oul

PS:  Don’t get too excited that’s a gospel song Echo by Elevation Worship 

Chinyelu Adum is a blend of several traits- fun lover, fashion enthusiast, picture freak, a creative content writer and SEO consultant.

12 comments On 14 Signs that She’s in Love With You

  • Wow… 14 signs… All checked! ✔️
    I love this peice. Nice one, beautifully wtitten and Funny you too 😊

  • Firstly, thank you for referring that song, I was so caught up with doing my electronic/old school dance that I forgot to jott the lyrics and fish out the song online. So thanks. Another Gospel song to my playlist that keeps formatting. Which reminds me, kindly suggest to me a good music app.

    Secondly, your list is kinda cool but a bit fantasized (totally my opinion here), I saw this because it is too hopeful and could set someone up for being played. I mean for a lady to have any of these potential signs to show is kinda rare if not possibly non-existent. Here in Nigeria in specific ladies (not trying to be sexist) are always struggling with maintaining a steady trajectory of emotions, specifically “love”, when being in an excited mood of meeting a new guy. For example, your Mr O. He is testing your territory, and psychology has it that girls get attracted to a guy that annoys them. I don’t know why this is so, but I know for sure that being a good guy to a lady drools.

    So when a lady begins to show any of these signs listed, it is always for just that initial stage. In a long she will come into realisation that she was just caught up in the moment. And as a guy it is our job to “turn you up” which, to us, is for a short run but for a lady it is for a long run unless the guy has a soft side for a ladies mindset.

    What i am trying to say, in my own little experience is that, all you have listed is just a lady being excited over a guys short run intended “turn you up”. My point, for final clarification is that signs of love could be just signs of lust.

    • Well, I’ve met pretty much annoying guys that didn’t even get close to making me feel excited as Mr.O. I forgot to mention that Mr.O is really intelligent and we’ve had meaningful conversations which is rare to find these days. Most guys connect with a lady and the next thing, they are asking for a date without getting to know at least the basics of the lady they are connecting with. Even communication is zero, and that’s a deal breaker for me.

      There are different stages of love. And yeah the excitement stage is called Eros. Every relationship starts from this stage, so it’s not completely bad to feel excited. Remember I mentioned these signs are peculiar to ‘normal women’, you can still find Nigerian women that may show some of these signs.

      Someone reminded me that when a woman is into a man she laughs at what he says whether it’s funny or not.

  • Princely_Cupid's Bodyguard

    The Glow is indeed real in that picture.

  • 14 Signs. Sharp i recognize some .

    sometimes Prince charming has the words but not the carriage or appearance

  • What a brilliantly constructed piece Nelly. You got my attention on Mr. O, totally forgot I was there for the 14signs. Well done dear. 😀

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