Signs That They are More Interested in Marriage Than in You


Signs they are more interested in getting married

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2019 Marriage Wave

Who else noticed that 2019 experienced a massive marriage wave? In December alone, the number of marriages was alarming, well I’m talking from my social media pages- is it WhatsApp stories? Instagram or Facebook feeds? It seemed like everyone around me was getting married each time I tried to catch up with activities on social media.

I foresee a tsunami of marriages in 2020 already.  One of my very good friends sent me her wedding invitation already. I recently stumbled on a Facebook group where people were claiming their wedding dates in faith- please don’t ask for my opinion on that.

Signs that they are more interested in marriage

Anyway, 2019 was a good year. Oh, not that I had a smooth year, no. It was good in the sense that I had to unlearn what I thought was right to make room for what was right. I know I may be speaking in parables but don’t worry. This post isn’t about me but people who desperately want to settle down. Trust me, I have been there and I’m grateful that I didn’t settle. Well, even though I almost fell in love, somehow I managed to dodge Cupid’s arrows again- not that I wanted it that way though.  I’m still a self- acclaimed Cupid’s mouthpiece but he seems to think that I’m trying to bribe him to get his attention.

Anyway, before I deviate from the topic. Just in case you don’t know, some people (and this is not peculiar to just the ladies, some men are also guilty of this) are more interested in getting married rather than knowing and loving the person they are in a relationship with or consider a potential spouse. OK, let me rephrase, some people are in love with the idea of getting married instead of loving the person they want to settle down with. Oh that’s the sad reality these days.


If they constantly tell you any of these things or act them out, they may just be more interested in getting married.

I just want to settle down. Age isn’t on my side anymore.

My parents are on my neck for grandchildren. I am tired of them pestering me.

All my friends are married. I’m beginning to feel left out.

I would love whoever I marry as time goes by. Who love epp?

Everyone around me wonders why I am still single even though I am financially capable.

If I don’t get married, I won’t get that position at work/church.

Married people are seen as being responsible. I don’t want to look irresponsible.

My siblings are all married; even people I’m way older than are getting married.

I just want to leave my father’s house. I need to be free.

I’m tired of being alone. It’s crazy being single especially during the cold weather or festive periods.

I’m tired of this country, marrying a US or Canadian citizen isn’t a bad idea.

Why should I stress myself when I can marry someone rich to change my financial status?

…The list is endless.

How to identify if he/she is more interested in marriage

i. They know little or nothing about you.

ii. All they talk about is settling down.

iii. They want to rush the friendship/courtship period (some don’t even want to court).

iv. They guilt-trip you and sometimes may tell you that other people are on their case.

v. They affirm everything you do or say without asking questions.

Your desire to get married is legit but are you getting married for the right reasons? Someone recently told me that he doesn’t care about love after all; some of our parents and grandparents weren’t in love before they got married.

Hmm, in this social media age and time, that’s a recipe for disaster. That it worked for others doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

…Cheers to the coming New Year and decade, 2020. I jokingly told my immediate younger brother that ten years ago I was naïve and madly in love. Look at me today, not jumping into love with reckless abandon. LOL

Ok, it’s a wrap and have been such an amazing year with you guys. Oh please don’t forget to leave your comments. I’ll be waiting for you there. *Winks*

Chinyelu Adum is a blend of several traits- fun lover, fashion enthusiast, picture freak, a creative content writer and SEO consultant.

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