Are You Taken or Taken for Granted in Your Relationship?



I remember attending a wedding some months ago. Unlike me, I wasn’t particularly excited, I was rather distracted. Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy for this couple, they started off as friends and ended at the aisle- What a beautiful way to seal a friendship. You would understand better as we go on*bats eyelid*

The reception venue was lit, with the DJ dishing lovely jams and for some seconds I felt those familiar tingling sensations on my skin-goose bumps! Hey, you better snap out of that mood. I scolded myself.

I had invited one of my male friends, Clement, some weeks ahead for the wedding. I just couldn’t imagine being surrounded by unfamiliar people, looking like a lost sheep- Well, that’s one lie I decided to tell myself. The actual reason was I didn’t want to bump into my ex alone even though I had well gotten over the breakup. There was a 99.9% chance that we would see each other since we are mutual friends to the couple. Apart from that, rumours had it that he had been asking if I would be able to make it to the wedding. That’s how clement came into the picture.

I explained this to Clement who happily agreed to be my ‘man’ for the day, a decision I still regret today as he still makes teases me about the incidence anytime we hang out. We got talking about several things just to distract ourselves as the reception was yet to start.

The MC was a hilarious dude, at some point I felt we were at the wrong venue. It seemed more like a comedy show as he kept cracking us up. Suddenly, this dude left the stage and headed towards the guests and for some crazy reasons, he decided to stop at my table and began to flatter me with his eulogizing words. My friend and I looked at each other momentarily confused. I literally felt my smiles vanish from my face instantly. I smelled trouble already and all Clement did was smile as he was obviously enjoying every moment. There was no way I was going to leave my seat, walk up to the stage with the MC!

Sister, are you taken or not? He asked me as he nodded towards Clement. I blushed. I was totally embarrassed.

Are you taken or not? He reiterated as if he wasn’t sure I heard him the first time.

I smiled. This can’t be happening to me. This time all the attention was directed towards our table. The other occupants on our table smiled, whispering that I give an answer. I looked at Clement who just smiled and held my hand telling me to play along.


Wow…Finally.” the MC said and asked the other guests to clap and when I thought my nightmare was almost over, he continued

Have you asked him if you are really taken or taken for granted?  he said nodding towards Clement who had at this time signalled him to leave me alone but it was already too late. The whole hall echoed with bursts of laughter.

Jeez why me? I took a closer look at the MC and couldn’t catch a glimmer of recognition. So he seriously walked all the way down to my table and picked me-the lady on a red dress! Then I realized why I wasn’t particularly excited about the wedding like I already knew this was going to happen.

I don’t know how I managed to smile but I did anyway, while the clown went back on stage. I looked at my friend, and he seemed particularly amused. I punched him slightly on his laps and whispered you are terrible! half amused and half angry.

Yeah, it may have sounded like a joke, but the MC got me thinking. Most ladies are happy to use the word “taken” while they are being taken for granted by their partners.

This is a food for thought for anyone in a relationship and not just the ladies alone. Are you taken or taken for granted?

P.S: Last week one of my old time friends invited me to his colleague’s wedding. I bet you already know what my answer was. Everyone should carry their cross *smiles*.








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