Friend-Zoned: The Unspoken Words


Friend zoned: Unspoken words

The Unspoken Words

It’s funny how some things turn out after all. I’ve learnt after some experiences in life not to judge people quickly. There is always a reason why people act the way they do. Whenever I’m confronted by certain issues, I try to overlook it and make up a reasonable excuse that explains that action- and that is for my own peace of mind. 

I’ve known Chike since like forever. We’ve been childhood friends, went to the same primary and secondary school. People thought we were siblings and he held on to that title proudly. He is a year older but we were in the same class. 

Chike wanted to study Architecture while I wanted to study Pharmacy but ended up in Microbiology. We proceeded in our educational pursuits in different universities and only got to see whenever we came back for Christmas and Easter holidays. 

Friend-Zoned: Never force anything. If it’s meant to be it will be

It’s amazing how we never got to date. He never asked me out although we both know we had feelings for each other. Our parents even expected the friendship to extend to a family tie.  

One evening, as we took a stroll together, he held my hands and looked at me like he had something to say. I felt my stomach tighten… Was he going to ask me out?  I became afraid. The reason for the sudden fear, I couldn’t place at that point. 

We’ve been friends since like forever you know. He said with a serious look on his face while I nodded. I didn’t dare respond. I felt my voice would betray me. 

I want you to know that I care so much about you. Distance shouldn’t be a barrier between us.  He continued, giving my shoulder a soft squeeze while I smiled at the gesture, my heart still panting. He noticed my unusual silence; before then I was the chatter box, teasing, laughing and playing pranks. 

Hey smallie, why are you quiet? Wait!!! He paused like he suddenly realized something. Don’t tell me you were thinking that I was going to ask you out?  He said laughing aloud leaving me totally embarrassed. 

You are such a goat! I managed to find my voice. I was even wondering what had gotten over you. You are just so lucky that you didn’t! We both laughed but deep down my spirit had died. Was I in love with Chike? I was going to figure that out later. 

Please come back to earth dearest. This time he held me close, cupped my face with his hands like he was about to kiss me. I froze!  

Just know that you mean a whole lot to me. You are like the kid sister I never had. I’m grateful for having you in my life, letting me be your big brother. 

Then like a flash he kissed my forehead and drew away while I remained breathless. 

You are just unbelievable Chike. I was totally disappointed at him and angry with myself for expecting too much. 

But that’s how we roll you know. Come on it’s getting late. Don’t want your parents getting worried. We stopped at the suya spot before he took me home. 

How time flies… It’s been over ten years. Chike lives and works in Canada. He is still my “amazing big brother” and I am still his “beloved little sister” until my mum reminded me that we are both single and should mingle. 

I’m tired! 

Chinyelu Adum is a blend of several traits- fun lover, fashion enthusiast, picture freak, a creative ccontent writer and SEO consultant.

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