How Valentine’s Day Can Ruin Your Relationship

Valentine's Day quotes

Ladies are responsible for breakups on Valentine’s Day

When my friends gets so excited and laud about Valentine, I just smirk and pretend am as excited as they are. Well, girls would always be excited about Valentine’s Day. 

Lovina: I can’t be jumping buses to work every day. I can’t wait for him to surprise me with a car. Even if it’s Nigerian use, so long as it’s clean, I don’t mind.

Jumoke: I have been thinking of what to buy for him, but nothing just comes to mind. He already has everything I can think of, so no need jare… At least he knows I have needs. I’m waiting for his surprise val gift.

Ogechi: I’ve been long using style to sha tell Uche that my phone is bad and it’s iPhone X that’s my next upgrade. He better be smart enough to get the message surprise me this Valentine.

All I did was concur to all their insensible and selfish blabbing with a false smile on my face that I had to sustain all through the thirty seven minutes fifteen seconds of listening to their disparaging plans and ideas of what Valentine’s gifts should be.

The first thing I asked them was I hope you guys still haven’t forgotten I’m a guy here? I had to ask them especially when the conversation started sounding like team feminist.

Immediately, these questions began to pop into my mind

– does their boyfriends even know of these high expectations from their girlfriends?

– are these guys financially equipped to meet these needs?

– doesn’t the guy have his own Val expectations from his babe?

– if he doesn’t meet these Valentine needs, would she see him as unworthy of her?

– what will the surprise finally look like on Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day- Love Making or Relationship Destroyer

I’ve heard stories of relationships meeting their early graves after Valentine, and I’m pretty sure this was part of the reason.

Let me make it very clear, it is important for lovers to spend time out, buy gifts, and do something really special on Valentine’s Day. Responsibility falls on the man to create the perfect atmosphere of love, and with the perfect gift and surprises. But it takes a real woman, a man’s woman to even go that extra mile for her man.

Rather than putting your full pot of hope on your man doing it all for you, and meeting your specific val gift, why don’t you think of doing that exact same thing for him?

You can start by asking yourself these simple questions:

– what is that one thing that I can do to make his life easier?

– where would he love to go to relax for the weekend?

– what gives him fun and mental rejuvenation?

– how can I add spice to the way I make love to him as a Valentine special?

If these ladies have asked themselves these questions, I’m pretty sure, they wouldn’t have the time to be thinking the way they were thinking.

Love is expressed in the things we do for the one we love, not the things we expect.

But as for me, I need a new Rav 4. I hope bae reads this. Lol.

Would you end that relationship if your spouse didn’t give you the perfect surprise gift on Valentine?

Written by Emmanuel Okechukwu Adum for Nelly’s Diary.

Chinyelu Adum is a blend of several traits- fun lover, fashion enthusiast, picture freak, a creative ccontent writer and SEO consultant.

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